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OBD II Generic Data PC Scan Tool Software

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The OBD II Generic Data PC Scan Tool supports OBD II generic data on Domestic, Asian and European USA OBD II compliant vehicles - typically 1996 and newer passenger vehicles.

  • Supports all 1996 and newer Domestic, Asian and European OBD2 Compliant Vehicles
  • 1995 - 2016 Vehicle Selection
  • Supports SAE J1850(VPW, PWM), ISO 9141-2(ISO), ISO 14230(KWP2000) & ISO 15765/SAE J2284 (CAN) Protocols
  • Full expanded Generic PID Support (2014 J1979-DA) –  400+ data parameters (PIDS)
  • Plus EASE custom data parameters like Rich/Lean Status, Engine Vacuum, Acceleration, MPG
  • Create your own Custom data parameters
  • Read and Clear Stored and Pending DTCs & Descriptions
  • Read and Clear Generic and Manufacturer-Specific DTCs & Descriptions
  • Perform Enhanced DTC Scan & Description
  • Read Permanent DTCs (Mode $0A / 10)
  • Determine if the Check Engine Light (MIL) is commanded on + ability to turn it OFF
  • Mode 6 Support - On-Board Monitoring Test Results for Specific Monitored Systems – View Raw and Translated Results Per OEM in Grid and Report Format
  • Mode 6 Universal Parameter Scaling
  • Mode 8 Support - Evaporative System Leak Test and Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
  • Mode 9 Support - Vehicle Information - VIN, CALID, CVN, Infotypes and In-Use Performance Counters
  • Read and Clear Freeze Frame Data
  • View O2 Sensor Test Results
  • View I/M Monitors Availability and Status - Since DTC Cleared and This Monitoring Cycle
  • View OBD Support Level, Fuel System 1 & 2 Status, Secondary Air Status, and PTO Status
  • Parameter and Acronym and DTC Library with 3,000+ generic DTCs
  • Automatically determine the fastest data sampling speed, supports CAN X6
  • Works with J2534 interfaces
  • Works with ELM interfaces


SIDE NOTE: U.S. Federal law required all vehicle manufacturers to meet On Board Diagnostics, Second Generation or OBD II standards by 1996. In order to meet this standard, the automobile's on-board computer must monitor and perform diagnostic tests on vehicle emissions to ensure that the vehicle is operating at an acceptable (legal) emission level. All 1996 and newer passenger vehicles sold in the United States are USA OBD II compliant.


Product Review - Bob Pattengale

"This is the tool I use to diagnose difficult intermittent driveability problems"

"The limitations of OBD II generic scan tools usually relate to small display screens and slow sample rates of live scan data. If you’re willing to invest a little more money, the EASE OBD II generic PC-based scan tool has several very useful features.
Those I find invaluable are unlimited data recording and customized data graphing. This is the tool I use to diagnose difficult intermittent driveability problems."
Bob Pattengale
Scan Tool Assessment Article
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