EASE has been directed by its Board of Directors to take actions to wind down the sales of its diagnostic and emissions equipment by September 30, 2018.

On October 1, 2018, EASE will be merging with DENSO Products & Services Americas, Inc.

As a result of this, effective immediately;

EASE/DENSO will continue to provide for the fulfillment of ongoing warranty obligations.


3 Great Ways To
Get More From
Drew Tech's CarDAQs


EASE Can Help You Get More From Your Investment

J2534 interfaces

Did you know that you could use your Drew Tech CarDAQ Reprogrammer for more than just on-board reprogramming?   EASE Diagnostics has added support for the CarDAQ-Plus 2, CarDAQ-Plus and CarDAQ-M to some of our innovative automotive diagnostic products.  Now you can get more from your investment with the following add-ons from EASE  for  Drew Tech's CarDAQ Reprogrammers. 

Great News! We are offering a Special Offer on these 3 Add-ons.  If you purchase one of these add-ons online, we are offering a discount and including some FREE bonuses with your order.   Click on one of the Add-ons below for more info. 

Please Note: EASE's Add-ons are not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Drew Tech

Use Your CarDAQ As A Scan Tool

EASE Universal Reprogrammer

Turn your PC into a powerful diagnostic workstation with the EASE Domestic & Asian PC Scan Tool Software Add On for Drew Tech's CarDAQs.  

You can use your CarDAQ as a scan tool interface with the EASE PC Scan Tool Software Add on.   When you combine the power of the award winning EASE PC Scan Tool with any of Drew Tech's CarDAQ Reprogrammers you can scan and reflash using a single interface.

With the EASE PC Scan Tool Software Add-On, you'll get high-speed access to enhanced vehicle data on your PC so you can easily and quickly perform diagnostics. 

The powerful EASE PC Scan Tool software offers more features than any other scan tool - hand held or PC based. You'll see loads of vehicle data in a user friendly format on your large PC screen so you can quickly see the whole picture - making your job much easier.

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Are You Ready To Start Reprogramming With Confidence? 
Let Us "Assist" You.

Do you feel overwhelmed or unsure when it comes to reprogramming a vehicle controller?

Let the EASE Reprogramming Assistant Software Add-On for Drew Tech's CarDAQ-Plus 2, CarDAQ-Plus and CarDAQ-M guide you thru the process.  Reprogramming a vehicle controller seems like an intimidating task but it’s easier than you’d think if you have an assistant to guide you. Our exclusive Reprogramming Assistant software guides you step-by-step thru the reprogramming process.

 It also includes the scan tool functions you need for reprogramming such as reading the VIN, DTCs, I/M status, MIL status and calibration.

Our Assistant helps to eliminate the guesswork and costly mistakes, ensuring a successful reprogramming event.


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Program Vehicle Controllers On Your Bench Top

EASE Universal Reprogrammer

Reprogram vehicle controllers on your bench top with the EASE Domestic Off Board Reprogramming Set Add On for Drew Tech's CarDAQs.

With the Off Board Reprogramming Add-on from EASE, the CarDAQ-Plus 2, CarDAQ-Plus or CarDAQ-M can be used to reprogram most GM, Ford & Chrysler powertrain controllers out of the vehicle.  Based on vehicle selection, our software designates which off board cable to use and provides the wiring diagram you need to ensure a successful reprogramming event.

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Don't Have A CarDAQ?


It's time to expand your shop's diagnostic capabilities with J2534 reprogramming for 1996+ vehicles. Check out the EASE Universal Reprogrammer II+ System at  www.J2534reprogrammer.com.

EASE Universal Reprogrammer

You will NOT find a more complete reprogramming system at a better price than what EASE is offering!   
Find out more at  www.J2534reprogrammer.com.

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